GUITAR & BASS LESSONS in Staten island

A quote from the late Stan Jay owner of “Mandolin Brothers ” when asked whom he recommends for guitar lessons “The only person we recommend, Karlus TRAPP” SIlive article “Another Borough Legend lost ,by Tom Wrobleski ,SI Advance Feb 21 , 2017.
KARLUS TRAPP has been teaching guitar for over 25 years. After studying jazz and classical guitar with master guitarist /teacher Peter Prisco, Karlus established his own practice.His patient personal approach has helped to develop some of Staten Islands finest guitarists & bass players, and music teachers.Treating every student as the individual that they are,young,older, beginner,intermediate or just needing a refresher, Karlus can help make you a better musician , and too start realizing your goals.
Being a performing musician,Karlus has an understanding of almost all styles of guitar playing.Whether your desire is to play Blues like Stevie Ray, rock out like Taylor Swift , or be the next Brad Paisley, Karlus Trapp can help you get there.
in 8 weeks ,you will learn how to
1) Read music (or tabs if preferred) in the first position
2) play chords of simple folk and pop tunes
3) learn to play the basic rhythms of popular music
If you’re coming back to playing, or you’re stuck in a rut with your music, Karlus’ insightful,intuitive teaching methods will help
knock down those walls to open your fun and creativity.
Prices start at $20 Per half hour for students up to 17 years. Adults ,$25 pr half Hr.
or $30 pr.45 minutes
Discount Lesson packages are available for 5 or 4 lessons .
Karlus Trapp’s studio is conveniently located in West Brighton near Forest Ave, and lessons are available 6 days a week,including Saturday.Come try us out.The first lesson is half price
The sooner you get started, the better. Call (646) 462-2908 OR